Sun Pharma

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd. was established in 1983 by Dilip Shanghvi in Vapi, Gujarat. It started with five products that were used to treat psychiatric illnesses. It created its first-ever research centre in 1991, laying a strong foundation for vital products and process development, which led to it massive growth in subsequent years. Later, it was decided to demerge the research centre into a distinct entity which is known as Sun Pharma Advanced Research company. This particular company is listed on the stock exchanges of India and is the first research company to hold this position.   

 In 1987, it introduced Cardiology products, and in 1989, gastroenterology products were introduced. At present, Sun Pharma is ranked the No. 1 pharma company by prescriptions with 9 different categories of doctors in the nation and is also the market leader in cardiology, gastroenterology, diabetology, orthopaedics, dermatology, urology, vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

In 2014, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. acquired Ranbaxy, and that made it the largest pharmaceutical company in India, one of the largest Indian pharmaceutical companies in the United States, and the 4th biggest speciality generic corporation around the globe.

Around 72% of Sun Pharma's sales are from markets outside India, and a significant percentage of sales are from the United States. The United States is the single most expansive market, which is accountable for about 30% of the company's turnover. In total, formulations or finished dosage forms account for about 93% of the turnover. Manufacturing processes are carried out across 44 global regions in India, the US, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. In the United States, the firm markets a huge basket of generics, with a powerful pipeline expecting authorisation from the FDA, i.e. U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

In 1994, Sun Pharma was quoted on the stock exchange in an issue that oversubscribed 55 times. The members of the founding family still hold a majority stake in the firm. In 1999, Sun Pharma was listed in the top ten pharmaceutical companies in India. 

Challenges Faced By Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd. has nearly 27 access points at the Halol plant, which is located in Gujarat. So, one of their requirements was a Biometric-based Access Control Solution to prohibit unauthorised people from entering the lab. Therefore, the complete security systems needed an Access Control System and IP Surveillance camera for recording the activities in the area & to keep a check on everything. 

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This was their major requirement, of installing an integrated Acces Control System with an IP Surveillance camera because for every access control situation, they wanted a short video clip & that should be stored in the access control software so that it can be easily accessible at the time of audit. Moreover, all the documented video clips have to be synchronised with the access control events and should produce an alarm report with the link of each & every video clip. 

Solutions Offered By Smart I

Smart I has been successful in installing complete solutions for Sun Pharma with the help of System Integrator - Tyco Fire & Security India Pvt. Ltd. Smart I recommended & helped Sun Pharma to deploy Biometric Access Control System with a comprehensive Alarm management software. Smart I's system integrator also instructed them to install Access Control Solution with DSC IP Camera.

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Smart I has API level integration of DSC IP Camera with Alarm Management Software and is now installed. The Alarm Management Software stores short video clips for user-defined access control events. It delivers accurate reports of a synchronised access event consisting of the link of video clips which can be accessed at any particular audit time. Besides this amazing feature, the alarm management software produces alerts popup on graphical sitemaps, SMS, email and audio notification for configured access control circumstances. 


All the challenges that were faced by Sun Pharma and were introduced to Smart I, needed some time for everyone to adjust according to it as not everyone is familiar with it. But, the world is developing every second and is highly dominated by technology today, and it has really important for companies to deploy access control systems for security reasons. An access control system oversees the entry and exit of the faculty members or any other person as well. It ensures the safety of the company's resources and the lives of the people working in the organisation. Access control systems are an essential part of any corporation as it provides security against any kind of threat.

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