Centre For Development Of Telematics(C-DOT)

The Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) is a Telecommunications Technology Development Centre which is owned by the Indian government. In August 1984, C-DOT was established as an autonomous body with the motive of creating and developing digital exchanges. C-DOT has widened to formulate intelligent computer software applications. Its offices are located in Bangalore, Kolkata & headquarters in Delhi. It is one of the exceptional government institutions in India which have been classified & appraised at the Maturity Level 5 of CMMI for Development, version 1.3.

C-Dot was bestowed with maximum superiority and absolute flexibility to expand the State-Of-The-Art Telecommunication technology to address the requirements of the Indian telecommunication network. The fundamental objective for establishing C-DOT was to build a centre for excellence in the field of telecom technology.

In its early years of operation, C-DOT initiated a telecom revolution in the rural parts of India that was accountable 

for the all-inclusive social & economic development of the country. Due to this, rural India gained access to a whole new world of opportunities as this initiative helped them to connect at a global level. Moreover, as a part of its development process, C-DOT has given rise to a broad range of equipment manufacturers & components for the industry. 

At present, CDOT is working towards enforcing Common Alert Protocol in India by creating a Location-based Integrated Disaster Early Warning System for the National Disaster Management Authority. In this particular project, Forecasting agencies such as CWC, IMD, SASE, GSI, INCOIS and state to national level disaster management authorities would be able to share a common platform for disseminating information on timely warnings for floods, cyclones, thunderstorms, tsunamis, sandstorm, avalanche and landslides to the general public through various media channels social media handles, smartphones, internet, radio & TV etc. With the fulfillment of the project, it will help to protect the precious lives of human beings, and it will also make the country strong enough to deal with any crisis. 

Challenges Faced By The Centre For Development Of Telematics(C-DOT)

C-DOT includes a vast area of data centres, and all the data centres are equipped with a huge number of server racks. The server racks were operated with mechanical locking systems, and no further records were made or available. Therefore,  it was difficult to ascertain in terms of who operates the server racks and at what time of the day. 

C-DOT was in need of a comprehensive Biometric-based Access Control Solution for their server racks. The solution should be able to access control panel in the 1U rack, which should eventually control the front door (cold 

aisle) and back door (hot aisle) of the Server Rack. One of the major requirements was that the door should open only for the authorised people. They required the Linux Based software with SNMP Alerts. SNMP Alerts should be produced for numerous events such as DOTL, Applied force to open doors, Unauthorized Access, etc.

Solutions Offered By Smart I

Smart I has implemented a complete solution with the help of our Integration Partner because they are the best Server Rack manufacturer in the country. The Server rack is equipped with a technical rack lock. Smart I offered solutions to C-DOT, including 2 Door Rack Access Control Panel in 1 U Rack mounting (smartXS -1U Rack), which controls the lock of the front door (cold aisle)  and the lock of the back door (hot aisle) of Server Rack. 

The control panel and Biometrics reader are inter-connected which are positioned on the front & backside of the Server Rack. It verifies the user's credentials when they place their finger on the biometric reader, and hence, it only allows authorized people to open the Server Rack. 

Smart I has looked closely into its requirement for Linux Based Software with SNMP alerts, and it has employed a completely advanced Linux based Access management Software with SNMP Alerts. SNMP Alerts are produced for numerous kinds of situations such as Unauthorized Access, DOTL, Door Force Open, etc. All the details are bottled up in the software for generating reports in the future.

From access control systems to monitoring of the environment & handling of individual rack levels,  Smart-I data centre solutions seamlessly combine operative areas while enhancing end-user industry efficiency. Our data centre solutions are helpful in cutting down costs via standardisation and rational monitoring by software.

You can have a detailed look at all the Data Level Rack Level Solutions as well as Server Room Solutions here. 


As you have read the entire case study, you must have seen how Smart I have done a great job by providing a secure solution to C-Dot. Smart I is the leading producer of access control systems in India. From designing & producing to maintenance & assistance, Smart-I believes in providing absolute solutions for managing the time & attendance of your employees, access control systems and Integrated security solutions to meet the needs of every organisation. We offer products & integrated solutions for every business type, small me big. If you want to connect with us, feel free to contact our team anytime. 

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