Alkem Laboratories

Alkem Laboratories Limited is an Indian global pharmaceutical company that produces and trades pharmaceutical formulations, generics, and nutraceuticals in India and many other countries. Its headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and the research & development centre, which was set up in the year 2003 for ANDA development, is located in Taloja. It is recognised all over the world for its premier healthcare institution in generics and brand formulations. It was founded by Samprada Singh, who is one of India's highly respected entrepreneurs, in the year 1973. 

Alkem Laboratories has successfully achieved the status of one of the world's leading global pharmaceutical formulation development, manufacturing and marketing companies in the last three decades and is the 7th largest healthcare & pharmaceutical company in India. Alkem Laboratories have built its presence across 31 remote areas in the country, i.e. Ranchi, Patna, Cuttack, Indore, Lucknow, Sikkim, Guwahati, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Dehradun, Pune, Nagpur, Raipur, Jaipur etc. It has shown a growth rate of 20%, which is not limited to domestic markets, but international markets also. 

Moreover, the anti-infective drug "Taxim" of Alkem was the first one to cross 1,000 million in terms of domestic sales in the pharmaceutical industry of India in 2006. In the year 2014, another drug named "Clavam" crossed 2,000 million domestic sales in India. Alkem Laboratories has created a portfolio consisting of 705 branded generic drugs, and for the fiscal year 2015, 13 brands were featured in the list of top 300 brands in India. There are a total of 21 manufacturing facilities, 19 of them are in India and 2 in the United States. 

Challenges Faced By Alkem Laboratories Limited

Alkem Laboratories has its branches located all over the country, as you have read above, and so it was difficult for them to operate & monitor all these locations from one central location. They had a specific set of requirements that we are going to discuss in this segment. 

Alkem Laboratories Ltd. was in need of a secured and centralised access control system in all of their 31 remote locations, including their head office in Mumbai. These requirements also entailed integration of the access control database with their prevailing web-based time & attendance software that can be accessed from all the locations. They also wanted centralised management of data, and all kinds of reports & documents related to attendance, employees, locations, and departments could be produced in their head office, which is in Mumbai. 

According to the U.S FDA policy, the significant requirement of Alkem Laboratories Ltd. was that they needed a powerful system for their research & development centre so that it would restrict the employees from entering some sections if they visited some other sections of the R&D lab, on the same day. 

Solutions Offered By Smart I 

Considering the requirements of Alkem Laboratories Ltd., Smart I stepped forward & installed integrated Access Control Solutions, which was commissioned by our very own system integrator - OBM Automation Pvt Ltd. Now, each and every office of Alkem has been installed with Smart I's standalone door controllers with 14 in Mumbai, 3 in Sikkim and 2 in Patna. All the controllers are linked to the Access Control Software, which is installed in the head office, Mumbai. The 31 remote locations are now being managed by the central location. Now, all the activities such as card activation & deactivation, updating of all user's finger templates, downloading valuable data and report generation are being executed at the central location. 

The data from the access control database is connected with their own web-based time & attendance software. So the connectivity is solidified between the controllers and is established through a lease line, broadband, MPLS(Multiprotocol Label Switching) and radio frequency towers so that the location can be accessed centrally and all the reports related to the employees can be generated in the head office. Due to Smart I's robust, reliable & intelligible system, the expansion of the devices is being carried out smoothly & persuasively. 

Furthermore, we analysed the requirement that Alkem Laboratories wanted a system that could conform to the policy of the U.S FDA Compliance(United States Food & Drugs Administration). In order to solve this difficulty for them, Smart I effectively installed a customised software and added some advanced combinations of access level & time zone in the software so that it becomes competent enough to restrict the employees from making an entry into the other departments. 

This customised software consists of many rules defined in it, like a global anti-passback facility that forbids employees from making an entry to the different departments if they have visited one on the same day. The time frames can be set up in the software in accordance with the shift hours of the employees, so if the card is swiped once at any door, then it would restrict the same employee from entering any other zone on that very day. 

Thus, now it fulfills the compliance of the United States Food & Drugs Administration. 


Smart I have been able to solve all the difficulties that were faced by Alkem Laboratories Ltd. We have every solution for all the enterprises i.e. access control solutions, time &  attendance solutions, server room security solutions and security & environmental monitoring software. If have any queries or doubts, feel free to contact us

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