Ruchi Group Of Industries

Ruchi Group Of Industries is one of the largest manufacturers of various products from sectors like steel, agriculture, power, soya bean products, food etc. which is primarily based in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The industrial group has its official headquarters in Indore, with many offices located in different parts of the country such as Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi and Chennai. 

Now, we are familiar with the Ruchi Group.The next step is to know about the challenges they faced and how it got solved. 

Challenges Faced By Ruchi Group Of Industries

Ruchi Group of Companies has its presence across the nation. One of the major problems they faced was to regulate all the locations and keep them secure. They were in need of a secured IP based access solution that would contribute towards building a highly secured atmosphere. 

They needed a solution that could be incorporated with the ERP system in the Oracle Database, which would allow them to handle multiple centres located in different regions of India through multi-door controllers as well as single-door controllers. 

Ruchi Group Of Industries has many companies, and that is why there was a requirement for a system that would be able to maintain & keep the data secure and develop numerous important reports related to the company, location, department and employees. 

How Smart-I helped 

Learning about the requirements of Ruchi Group, Eagle Techsec Communications India Pvt Ltd, a system integrator, suggested Smart-I's integrated access solution to Ruchi Group Of Industries considering the advantages of Smart-I access solutions over so many other access solution providers available in the market. Let's have a look at the benefits of the Smart-I access control solution - 

  1. The central location would be provided with a complete integrated access control solution. 

  2. As per the requirements of the clients, customized value-added solutions can be delivered for better assistance. 

  3. For monitoring and operating a large number of employees in an organization, the Smart-I system provides a single advanced software integrated with the Oracle database. 

  4. The access control solutions are remarkably worthy of being connected to the third party attendance system, time & ERP. 

  5. Smart-I delivered exceptional support and services to the clients so that they don't have to deal with any kind of inconvenience. 

  6. Smart-I always paid attention to the requirements and objectives of the client in order to deliver the best services to them. Acknowledging the preferences of the clients, Smart-I came up with scalable controllers for one or multiple passages in an institution. 

Installation Of Integrated Access Control Solutions 

In more than 40 locations of Ruchi Group Of Industries, Smart-I has installed IP based 2 door controllers with smart card readers. The central location of Ruchi Group, which is based in Indore, is fully secured by the installation of Access Management Software executed by Smart-I. Moreover, all the controllers that are established in different sites are linked to the software over the lease line, which is a committed channel of communication that helps in interconnecting two or more locations. 

Now, the central location becomes responsible for all the report generation activities, activation & deactivation of employee's card and downloading essential data. For the salary calculation of the employees, time & attendance data are put together with the ERP system. Furthermore, the system comes with various access control features for prohibiting any unauthorized person from entering the premises of the company.  Now, due to the Integrated Access Control Solutions, the controller can take all the necessary decisions related to the authorization & security of the organization. 


Smart-I system has been one of the proven solutions provided to the customers that ensure the safety and security of the organizations as well as the people working there. Smart-I access control & security systems deliver solutions that are designed to meet the unique demands of your enterprise.  

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