Renesas Mobile Corporation

Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723) is a leading distributor of trusted and advanced innovated semiconductor solutions that enhances the way of functioning of billions of associated smart devices. Renesas is one of the global leaders that deals in SoC products, microcontrollers, powers & analogs and also provides meticulous solutions for a wide range of applications such as industrial, automotive, home electronics, information communication technology, and office automation, which help in creating a limitless future for us. 

Renesas Mobile Corporation has its local subsidiary institutions based in different countries like India, China, and Finland operated by the faculties that were transferred from the wireless modem business and Renesas Design France S.A.S, which is an SoC design subsidiary of Renesas Electronics. Out of 1800 unified employees, 75 % of the workers are designated outside Japan, which helps the company in promoting design, development, and marketing operations worldwide. 

The opening of the Research & Development centre of Renesas Mobile Corporation in Bangalore, India, has been a really essential step as there are many opportunities available here in the country. 

Challenges Faced By R&D Centre of Renesas Mobile Corporation

The Research & Development centre of Renesas Mobile Corporation, which is located in Bangalore, has a property that consists of almost 100 entrances, and because of this, it gets extremely difficult to maintain the security of the entire premises. Renesas has invested an enormous amount of capital in every single R&D project, and if by any means the valuable data or technology is revealed in the market, the project will be called off. Hence, it was necessary for Renesas Mobile India Pvt. Ltd. to install highly secured systems that would provide them with high-level security in the region. The security system that they needed must be a powerful one that can deliver maximum security to the centre to ensure that every person who is arriving at the premises is an authorized one. 

Smart-I Is The Solution 

Solutions offered by Smart-I include an Intelligent Multi-Door Controller, Access Management Software, and a complete integrated solution to secure and maintain the safety of the R&D centre. Let’s have a look at the three key solutions in detail.

  • Intelligent Multi-Door Controller - Multi-door IP-based smartXS (4 Door/4 Reader) controller with HID card reader has been installed by Smart-I wherein all the controllers are linked to the Access Management Software on the LAN. This particular software is utilized for producing comprehensive reports and also for configuring security settings. The master-slave concept has been skipped here so that the controller itself can take all the decisions regarding security & authorization. The system comes with multiple features that restrict an unauthorized person from gaining access to the institution, such as Time zone, Access level, Anti pass back etc. 

  • Access Management Software - As mentioned above, Smart-I's Access Management Software, also known as Smart Engine, is connected to all the controllers on a LAN. The fundamental task of this software is to download the transactions, generate various types of reports and configure numerous security settings. Smart Engine provides you with the facility of managing the security level according to the requirements by configuring different features & components door-wise when an area like Renesas has hundreds of entries whose security parameters and security standards differ from each other. 

  • Integrated Solution - Commissioned by Sobha Projects and Trade Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, Smart-I has been successful in installing a complete Integrated Solution on the premises of the R&D centre. The Integrated Solution is provided with exquisite Smart-I's multi-door controllers, HID reader, EML Lock, and Access Management Software. Smart-I has also done all the value-added customizations for Renesas, such as event-based email features, which allow the system itself to send an email to distinct email IDs and fulfilled their requirement of making the transactions visible through visuals when the reports are being generated. 


Access control systems play a vital role in keeping data intact in many organizations because they deliver safety and protection to the institution by preventing any kind of security threat. An access control system has been proven to be the safest technology present in the current world, which ensures the safety, security, and health of the employees. The Smart-I system provides advanced security systems that you require for your organization. 

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