Numaligarh Refinery Limited

Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL) was established in Numaligarh, Golaghat, which is situated in Assam, on 22nd April 1993 according to the provisions made in the historic Assam Accord that was signed on the day of India's independence, i.e. 15th August 1985. On 9th July 1999, the 3 MMTPA Numaligarh Refinery Limited was dedicated to the country by the Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Since commercial production began in October 2000, Numaligarh Refinery Limited has been successful in producing credible performance. 

With its concern, devotion, and contribution to the state's socio-economic development of the state of Assam as well as North-east India integrated with a track record of never-ending growth, Numaligarh Refinery Limited has been bestowed the status of "Mini Ratna" PSU. It is known as one of the successful business enterprises in the entire region, with its remarkable impression all over the world as its products, especially Paraffin Wax, are still exported across the globe. Their product range includes aviation turbine fuel, unique boiling point spirit, liquid sulfur, superior kerosene oil, naphtha, calcined petroleum coke, sulfur, wax, nitrogen, mineral turpentine oil, high-speed diesel, raw petroleum coke, LPG, etc. 

Moreover, Numaligarh Refinery Limited with an approximate investment of more than Rs. 28,000 crore, has embarked its journey on a significant integrated refinery expansion project to treble its potential from 3 MMTPA to 9 MMTPA. Additionally, the project includes establishing a Crude Oil Import Terminal at Paradip Port which is situated in Odisha and laying about 1640 km of pipelines with the objective of transporting the Crude Oil to Numaligarh. In the year 2019, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved the plan of increasing the capacity of the refinery to 9 million metric tonnes per annum(MMTPA).

Challenges Faced By Numaligarh Refinery Limited 

Numaligarh Refinery Limited has a vast premise, and therefore, the safety and security of the area is a big concern for the organization. However, it is evident that the crucial component of any organization is the security part of it. The security of the entire premises without an integration system is not possible at all, and it is beyond the imagination of all. Due to a vast area, Numaligarh Refinery Limited wanted its premises to be safe & secure, and every single person who makes an entry into the premises should be tracked in a proper manner. 

An integrated security solution is what they needed, that would help in identifying the users, maintaining attendance of its employees, tracking visitors, and restrictions to unauthorized persons & vehicles into the institution on a single platform. Additionally, apart from serving all these needs, the solution should also have the capability of tracking the attendance of the employees, also that they can apply for leave online & schedule any visitor online. The head of the department should have access to the facility to sanction the leave applied by the employees and monitor the attendance of their employees. Also, it should be helpful in generating numerous reports for MIS.  

Smart-I Solution For Numaligarh Refinery Limited 

Smart-I's multi-door controller IP-based, standalone controller with biometric card reader & integrated solutions have been successful in creating a highly secured environment for the organization. Here is a detailed view of all the solutions listed below : 

  • Multi Door Controller IP Based - All the doors in the premises that are used for pedestrians have been employed with turnstiles and card readers. These turnstiles and card readers have directly connected to the Smart-I's multi-door controller. So, if a person wants to gain access to the premises, then he/she should have a valid authorized card. The card swiped is a valid one, then only the turnstile will be operated, and the user will get access inside the premises without any hassle, but if the card is not valid, then the user will be restricted from gaining access to the premises. 

  • Attendance - Numaligarh Refinery Limited has more than 2000 employees consisting of people from the management level executive to fourth-grade labourers, and with this huge number of employees, it becomes a difficult job to monitor the attendance of each and every person. In such a circumstance, attendance management is only possible with a robust system that can manage & control various types of parameters based on the employees of the organization. There are several departments in the organization that needs attendance devices. Smart-I has installed a standalone controller with a Biometric + card reader. The fingerprints of all the employees are stored in the HID cards. Besides, the biometric readers are of the latest technology that has 12 security levels in order to verify the user's fingerprint. To make an entry into the organization, users have to swipe their card and place their finger on the biometric device, if both the data are matched, then their attendance is recorded. The main aspect of this is that it prevents proxy attendance and also prohibits people from missing the cards. 

  • Integrated Solutions - Smart-I has installed the complete (IACS), which is further commissioned by M/s. Firepro Systems, Bangalore. The system is equipped with Smart-I's standalone biometric controller with HID readers, multi-door controllers, and powered by Smart-I's access control software. The complete system includes the third-party software integration of Web-Based Time & Attendance Management, Web Based Visitor Management & Security, and Gate Pass Management with the Smart-I's Access Control System Software. Furthermore, Time & Attendance Systems and Visitor Management Systems are accessible from every part of the world, and various types of reports such as visitors reports, office reports, etc., can be viewed online. All the multi-door controllers and time & attendance systems are directly connected to the access software, which is integrated with the web-based software. As per the requirements of the users, numerous types of reports can be delivered through integrated software. 


Smart-I has ensured the safety & security of the entire area and is becoming successful in accomplishing new heights every time by providing the best solution and eliminating the challenges that organizations have to tackle so that they can run their businesses smoothly. Smart-I is the only solution for your organization, our products are specially designed for you, to meet your requirements. 

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