Smart DIS

smartDIS is a USER PROGRAMMABLE Door Interlock System, This system is designed to suit modern door interlocking requirements. DIS can also be interface with any access controller. DIS has Master-Slave Configuration and can be configured to total 8 doors in one loop. The unit is flexible and can be configured on site by the user for required door locking logic.

Key features & benefits

  • Embedded Software (Firmware) for onsite configuration of Door Logic : smartDIS offers Door Interlocking facility with an in built software (Firmware) so that the commissioning engineer can configure the door logic on site very conveniently, without using PC/Computer.
  • Door Interlocking Solution for several situations : smart-offers options from 2 Door to up to 8 Door interlocking Solutions with :
    • 2 Door DIS (for 2 Door interlocking)
    • 4 Door Master DIS (for up to 4 Doors Interlocking)
    • 4Door Master DIS+4Door Slave DIS(for Up to 8 Doors Interlocking)
  • Emergency Switch as per User's Requirement :
    • Centralize Emergency Switch - External centralized emergency switch to open all doors at the time of emergency.
    • Emergency Switch at every Door - Fascia plate has inbuilt features to open the door at the time of emergency by pressing and Holding it till 5 second or more (configurable).
  • DIN Rail mounting option : More compact and attractive with industry standard DIN Rail mounting, compared to the conventional panel enclosure. This is to save space.

Particulars smartDIS
Model no. DIS-2X DIS-4X DIS-4SV
Application Door Interlocking Door Interlocking Slave Controller
Maximum Door Controller 2 4 4
Expandable Not Expandable Upto 8 Door (Using DIS-4SV) NA