How Access Control Tech Empowers The Return To Work

How Access Control Tech Empowers the Return to Work?

The digital advancement has changed the dynamics of a lot of things. Many physical organizations are now considering the digital options and changing their basic framework. In fact, they are considered to adapt to the latest requirements while implementing new procedures to leverage technology to advance their employee’s concerns.

The pandemic has further changed the world and its working protocols. People are expected to maintain social distancing and the employees are really concerned about their safety. Many people are concerned with the physical access like crowded entrances, shared working spaces and elevators. They are seen as hurdles to social distancing. Also, some security processes like credentialing have always relied on face to face contact.

However, access control management is important as it helps to route the employees and note their work timings. Many organizations can switch to Physical access control systems (PACS) which can actually help in tracing the real time location of the systems while supporting contract tracing and reducing crowding. It also supports thoughtful visitor management.

  1. Touch-less Access Control

    Revolving doors, sliding doors and automatic doors help in reducing contact at high volume entry and exit points. These systems can be coupled with contactless credentials and readers to ensure social distancing and security to minimize surface contamination.

    Alternatively, it is possible to use long range readers that take help of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) connections to deliver read performance from a distance. It comes with a read range of several feet and thus, it can distance employees who might crowd around doors or readers.

    Touch less credentials is also great. They support hygienic protocols for various things like logging in to a network, paying for a vending machine and even asking for access to the printer.

    The best way to incorporate them is through SmartFACE.

    It comes in various screen sizes like 5 inches, 7 inches and 8 inches. The best part about this product is that it detects an individual’s face with mask on. It has temperature detection as well.

    The SmartFACE biometric with 5 inches of display contains a huge 10k face library and 60k face recognition records. The picture storages last up till a year. It comes with a Linux operating system with superior dual core processor. It comes with a card reader.

    The biometric with 7 inch display also has a Linux operating system with superior dual core processor, but it has a huge face library of 24k and massive 160k face recognition awards. It also offers picture storage for up till a year.

    The one with 8 inches can hold up to 10k of face library and 80k of face recognition records. It comes with a linux operating system and superior dual core processor. It is water proof and dust proof as well but, it does not have a card reader.

    Over the air credentialing

  2. Modernized systems are designed in a way that they can send credentials to any authorized device anywhere. In this way, the employees and visitors can have their credentials without pertaining any contact. This process is totally hassle free and organizations should definitely try it.

  3. Visitor Management

    This is one thing that most companies need to take care of. It is because visitors introduce a new variable. They should be credentialed upon entry and their whereabouts inside the building should be known for security reasons. This can help with contact tracing in emergency situations as well.

    Advanced policies and structured protocols can ensure the safe movement of the visitors. It can in turn, ensure the safety of the employees too. You can use visitor management systems as a standalone or integrate it with the complete organization’s access control system. Visitor’s self registering in the lobby is a traditional management system. However, it does not work in today’s time when social distancing has become the utmost priority.

    Barcode scanners, driver’s license scanners and cameras can aid in supporting the visitor management system. Although, using a proper visitor management software might help you.

  4. Smart VISITOR

    It is a comprehensive application as it has a lot of features. The advantages and benefits for medium or large companies are immense. Anyone from schools, colleges, hospitals, corporate and more can use this software. The best part about this software is that it collects and maintains all the visitor information in a very organized manner. This helps the organization to deal with the visitor data in a very effective manner.

    The best feature of this software is that it integrates with smartACCESS. It offers a customized visitor pass and maintains a schedule of the appointments and reports. The visitor pass comes with a photo, credentials and a hard copy, if needed. Although, it is advisable to mail the soft copy to the visitor to ensure the maximum level of social distancing.

    Apart from that, even the vehicle of the visitor is registered with the pass. It offers only a controlled access to the visitor to ensure the safety of the employees. It comes with a SQL database backend.

  5. Location Services

    Location Services is an amazing tool as it can act as the key to keep people physically distanced as some can monitor their whereabouts through that. It is very similar to how GPS works in outdoor settings. Location services use BLE as leverage to turn off gateways that can identify location of individuals in a particular space. The identity of an individual can be based on their ID card which can be broadcasted continuously to create a virtual map of the location in relation to the fixed gateways.


The pandemic is presenting formidable challenges in the work space. However, if you look at it with a different perspective, then it is also presenting unique opportunities. It is making the companies cater the new needs around contact tracing, social distancing and space utilization. It is offering a chance to examine access control in depth. A holistic view of the same can help in establishing secure workspaces.


Mr. Prashant Bhoir

Head – R&D