smartVISITOR is a Visitor Identification & Management software designed to cater from small offices to multi buildings premises. The software serves the purpose to avoid long queue and unwanted visitor in anorganization. The software collects and maintains visitor information in an organized manner which helps the organization to deal with visitor's data in effective way.

Key features & benefits

  • Customized Visitor Pass : Visitor Pass can be customized as per organization requirement. All the fields available on pass can be configured (size, placement, font, etc.)
  • Pre-schedule an Appointment : Employee/Host can schedule and appointment of visitor in advance so security person will generate visitor pass smoothly & quickly, it avoid long queue at reception/security gate.
  • No fake Visitor : To generate visitor pass an unique code sent on visitor mobile no. and same will verified before printing the visitor pass.
  • Controlled Access for Visitor (Inside Premises) : Access card can be given to visitor for access the premises with restrictions of entry, so visitor can access only those door where they have right to access.
  • Email with Visitor Photograph : Security personal send the mail with visitor's photograph to host for approval, so host can see the visitor and then can give.