Smart RID / smartPROX

Wiegand Protocol Card Readers – Smart Card & Proximity reader

smartRID comes in compact 125 kHz proximity (SPR501) & 13.56 MHz Mifare® Classic smart card reader (SC504) that provides security, authentication, and access control to your entryway. This reader utilizes a Wiegand interface to provide a read range up to 3".

Key features

    Compact, Distinguishable design for flexible placement

    Wiegand output that easily interfaces with most existing Wiegand protocol access control panels.

    Ability to read 26 bit card numbers (SPR501) & 32 bit Mifare serial numbers (SC504)

    Advanced key management systems to reduce the risk of compromised data or duplicated cards

    Bicolor LED indication

    Pigtail termination

Particulars smartRID
Model no. SPR501 SC504
cpu Up to 8 cms 4-9 cms
Memory CSN CSN/Sector
No. of Template EM Cards Smart Card (Mifare Classic)
Operation Modes 125 KHZ 13.56 MHz