smart ALARM

smartALARM is a Desktop based latest Alarm Management Software specially designed to monitor anyHigh security where security is very crucial .This software has unique features of configuring various parameters for raising a alarm. Software has complete monitoring system, as itswork on real time data. Software has various features which make it a unique and robust monitoring software like:- Alarm configuration for any events, Site Map upload facility, Door/controller can be defined on map, Alarm Indication on map, SMS/Email sending for any Alarm, CCTV/CameraIntegration, Alarm acknowledge/Reset, etc.

Key benefits

  • Multi User

  • User Right can be defined

  • Multi Company

  • Multi Location

  • Desktop based architecture

  • Database- SQL

  • Integrated solutions with Access Management Software only

  • Controller Configuration

  • Door Configuration

  • Reader Configuration

  • Employee's current location Can be tracked

  • CCTV & IP Camera can be integrated

  • In case of alarm Image will be captured

  • Live Stream of CCTV Camera will be displayed

  • Bulk SMS Package (With URL, User name & Password) Integration

  • Email Server Integration