Though traditional Rack security access control systems provide secure, managed, access to computer racks. It is crucial to know when 8 which racks are being accessed and by who. Using smartAISLE, data racks are secured biometrically, with records of every access along with its duration. Only an authorized person can access specific racks for the specified time using biometric validation.

Key features & benefits

  • Single Controller Supports up to 8 Secure Access Modules

  • 485 daisy chain communication between controller and SAM module

  • Separate power to each SAM module from individual Rack

  • Control of front and rear both the doors of Rack.

  • Works on smart-I proprietary protocol, hence secured from tampering

Particulars Specifications
Model no. SBLNG130 - AC Series
SBLNG130 - TA Series
SBLNG1930 - AC Series
SBLNG1930 - TA Series
Applications Access Control & Time Attendance