By using *92 menu on controller where we can add/change password. Also we can create new user ID & Password. If it is N series product you can also do it from smartENGINE- Masters-Create Controller login form.
Check reader compatibility with card i.e. EM/smartcard "Mifare"/HID Prox/HID Iclass. Use same type of card as per reader.Check for loose contacts on the reader port. Check Voltage on reader end.Apart from above check D1 and D0 properly connected or not.
Check card is added on controller or not. Check if Time zone and Access level is given to card through software. Is there any Expiry date and Holiday assign to this card in software?
Check in software share lock is enable or not from software configuration-readers menu. Check reader connection with controller was proper or not. Refer installation Guide.
Set the card digit no to 5 or 10 digits in the controller by entering into the admin mode and set pressing *995. The user may also get message on LCD as USER NOT FOUND
Check Power supply voltage available on controller. it must be 12 V.
This happens due to improper door alignment with the armature plate and the EML lock. Put more packing behind the armature plate and door frame. Also increase the door closure speed. This may be happens due to drop in voltage and current supply. Use higher rating power supply i.e. 12V 2 amps.
Do not connect 2 locks or 2 readers together on a single connector. A single lock connector can safely drive 600 MA current. If load current increases beyond 1A, that may cause hardware problems.
Check the Cmos battery voltage. It voltage must be 3.3 VDC)
Check power supply of controller it must be 12 v. May be there is any lose connection in controller check it. Check whether card is added in controller or not.
Yes. We can Loop it parallel.
Check card digit setting from *995
Enabled fire intrusion in controller by keypad menu key *9994. Enabled fire intrusions from software. Open software go to settings-fire\Tamper setting form. Select controller and enable fire intrusion.
Check Door connector MC+& MC- is short or not. it must be short if you are not using MC. Open software go to reader form, disable DOTL status.
While activating employee through employ master choose card type and select option as required.
Check slave id, IP address & port no of the controller. They must be same in software & controller. May be Controller IP address is conflicting with IP address of any PC or some devices. Check Controller No. of the controller and the Controller No Address in software must be same. May be you are using the old version of software, upgrade it.
Check static IP is pinging or not from remote PC. Check telneting/ port forwarding on router. Check locally unit IP is pinging or not.
After placing the finger on the fingerprint sensor the sensor may be unable to detect the finger due to poor image quality. The device will show Time out message. The other probable reason could be that the dust may have been accumulated on the sensor prism which needs to be cleaned. Press finger gently on sensor for getting Access.
Login to controller, check the sensor mode by *93 key and set required mode.
We can use it as a reader by connecting it to controller through weigand out connector and configuring bellow settings on controller. I. Set Controller Type from Key – *97, Press Number Key-4 (Bio Att.NoChk) Press Key – # II. For weigand reader press Key – *993, Press Number Key-5 (As weigand out),Press Key – # After setting reset or On/Off the system.
For Biosmart & smartSingle use connector J12 weigand out. For BIOlite use connector J1 weigand out. It's a 5 pin connector.
Yes. BIOlite can give IN/Out swipe in toggle mode. By pressing F2 or 0 key BIOlite will toggle between IN mode and OUT mode Refer BIOlite User Manual for details.
Yes. Through software ie smartEngine/smartEngine Lite and Also through a Separate Template Manager Utility. Refer software User Manual
The user may be trying to enroll the fingers beyond the specified capacity of the fingerprint sensor. Delete the user which may not more needed and create space for enrolling new user.
Connect the converter/reader in Loop network only. Check Reader Configuration in controller. Key – *994, Press – 0 for RS-485 Converter ,Press – 1 for RS-485 Reader, Press # key then OFF/ON the system. Check connection of reader/converter to controller mainly D+ and D- which is for data communication. Check voltage of converter ML- R51. It required 12 v. Check the ID setting on converter/Reader. We cannot assign same ID or ID which is not supported.
Check the ID setting on converter/Reader which you are using. Refer manual for details of ID setting.
In controller display get massage N and D. Its means either reader not connected or disable. Communication problem check cabling and also check Id setting on reader/converter.
Use proper setup file. We have two different S/W setup for windows7- 32 bit & 64 bit. Check admin rights problem of PC, may be it does not have. Always install software in Administrator login.
For N series use smartEngine30 & For L series use smartENGINE Lite.
To solve this problem Install Crystal32 set up on your PC. This setup is present in smart I software CD or you can download it from net.
Copy all system file from software CD to windows system 32 folder of your PC.
Open software go to configuration-controllers and give the details as required ex. IP address, slave Id, controller ID, port no etc.
Choose card type card only while activation of user/Employee through software employee master form.
A synchronization window is coming at the start-up of software, select the control and click on synchronize.
After import employee from Excel sheet not showing in employee database.n also do it from smartENGINE- Masters-Create Controller login form.
Upgrade to the latest smartENGINE /smartENGINE Lite software.
No, once logs downloaded to PC we cannot download it again.
Take database back up from s/w (Utility-Back Up), Install new s/w on a different PC & then restore same in new S/W.
Open software go to Settings-Initial setting-give password-database type-SQl. Click on database setting, give the required details & after that restore database. For SQl backend Dongle is required for opening software.