Biosmart NG

The new BIOsmart NG blends loads of innovative features to streamline installation and administration for small, medium or, large business enterprises for standalone door access control deployment. BIOsmart NG brings high speed, accuracy, flexibility and user friendly interactivity. It provides aesthetic GUI on easy-to-use touch screen LCD with touch sense keypad.

Key features & benefits

  • SD Memory Card : Automatic backups of fingerprints, transactions and device configuration within the device itself on SD Memory Card. It ensures that the critical data of the device is secured.

  • Modular Reader for Card Up‐gradation : It gives freedom to the users to upgrade their card reader technology without replacing the complete device.

  • Voice Indication : Device has inbuilt provision for pre‐recorded audio instructions for every transaction.

  • OTP (One Time Password) to Access the Device : To better manage fingerprint enrollment and date & Time of device at remote locations of Retail chains, or bank branches, from a central location. The incidence of proxy attendance, if any, can be avoided with it.

  • Elegant Look : An aesthetic and elegant design with 3.5" colour graphical TFT is a value addition to the interior of the premises

Product Variant

Technical Specifications

Particulars Specifications
Model no. SBNG1930 Series
Applications Access Control System & Time Attendance