Biosingle NG

BIO single NG, the Biometric + Card Reader from smart-i, is very fast and efficient in all processing and communication functions, faster than any other Biometric + Card reader in its category, making it an ideal option for any organization with a fairly large or very large number of employees.

Key features & benefits

  • The Processor : Its 32 bit processor makes BIO single NG a much faster and more efficient biometric reader in all its functions than any other in its category and, along with the following advantages, much more cost effective too.

  • On board TCP/IP : TCP/IP communication used for uploading/downloading Fingerprint templates from device with the Template management Software. It's also useful for easier fingerprint template multicast distribution.

  • Tamper Detection : It detects tampering, if any, and sends an alert to Access Control panel for suitable response.

  • Accuracy in Finger Verification : The Suprema Sensor employed in BIO single NG ranks among the best in the world for accuracy in verification, validated by FVC award-winning algorithm.

  • Auto Fingerprint Update : It also automatically recognizes any minor natural changes in the fingerprint over a period of time and automatically updates them for future reference.

Particulars Specifications
Model no. SBSNG1950 Series
Applications Access Control System