Be it video surveillance or access control, banking sector usually has higher demand on the security systems, which is attributed to its highly sensitive business nature. From its inception smart-I has developed innovative security solutions for banks & financial institution keeping in mind aspects like managing access, attendance, ATM security, strong room doors solutions, CCTV etc.



smartATM - ATM e-surveillance Solution

Effective 24x7 e-Surveillance and much more, with smartATM the Multilayer 24X7 Security and utility monitoring solutions for ATM sites. Offers a number of vital functions:

  • Effective 24x7 Intrusion Detection with Onsite and Remote alarms.

  • Integration with CCTV to facilitate investigation.

  • Integration with any 3rd Party CMS software of a CMS Service Provider

  • Power Management for tracking consumption (quantity) and the power factor (quality)

  • Diesel Generator Monitoring

  • OTP based access control for the ATM back doors

  • Continuous self-diagnosis to ensure that all functions are operative, including the communication between the ATM site and the CMS room


CMS Services Software

CMS Operator Interface:

  • Windows based user friendly desktop GUI with Faster Response

  • Graphical/Text Alert on CMS screen

  • Grid view of recent alerts with priority based sorting

  • Alarm management for Ack/ Reset of alarms

  • Ticket generation and ticket workflow management

  • SMS/Email Alerts Can be sent on Pre-defined Mobile No. / Email ID, or can be sent on Third party Vendor

CMS Manager /End User Interface:

  • Web based interface for workflow/ report

  • Third party login/ End User Bank login

  • Map based bird view for high level alert notification

Value Added Features:

  • Controlling and configuring of Hooter/ Light/ Output Control, Setting of Panel, etc.

  • Event Based CCTV Integration for accurate investigation record

  • Vendor management (Maintenance/ Housekeeping/ Security)


smartsafe smartsrd

smartSAFE & smartSRD

smartSAFE the biometric Access Control, to make a safe even safer. smartSRD the biometric Access Control, to make a strong room door even stronger(Cash Room, Locker Room):

  • Dual authentication

  • Duress Alerts

  • Transaction Logs

  • CCTV Integration

  • Power Failure and Low Battery Alerts



  • smartINTEGRA Panel for integration of several electronic devices in the branch for intrusion and Fire event alarms, access control, attendance, power management and DG monitoring, etc.

  • This truly single Hardware integrated solution ensures maximum Throughput at Minimum size.

  • smartINTEGRA with CMS connectivity is the best possible solution to ensure Banks premises safety and security 24x7



With huge power consumption due to HVAC, power monitoring is all the more important for Bank Branches. Our centralized power monitoring and analysis services help control huge expenses on power, by tracking consumption (quantity) and the power factor (quality) making each Bank Branch more power efficient & green.



Efficient & Reliable functioning of DG is possible by continuous monitoring of DG output & input parameters. Diesel power is much more expensive compared to the Mains power. Hence centralized monitoring by our smartDGPOWER essentially helps the management to monitor and ensure DG usage only when, and as long as, absolutely necessary. It also ensures maintaining all the health parameters of the DG & therefore the quality of the power it generates.



Multi-location STQC compliant Biometric Attendance Solutions for Branches. smartATTENDANCE solution is having following key benefits to make it highly efficient for remote multi-location attendance. Push data mechanism for faster data download. GPRS communication for remote branches where internet availability is bit difficult. OTP to access the device, to better manage fingerprint enrollment and date and time of device from a central location.


Bank Data Center Solutions – Rack Level

  • Rack Access Control and EMS solutions:A 1U Unit with complete rack Automation for Access Control, Temperature and Humidity monitoring, Smoke Detection and Water leakage monitoring. Power Consumption Monitoring and Data Logging for rack level PDU.

  • Access Control for Multiple Rack Doors collectively with EMS:This solution Automates a Containment area of 8 to 16 Racks for multi-drop Access control of Racks, Temperature + Humidity monitoring, Smoke and Water leakage Alarms as well as power monitoring of PDU.

  • Standalone Access control Solution with Basic EMS:A standalone Biometric + Card access controller for controlling front and Rear door of Rack. It has added feature to show temperature Monitoring of Cold and Hot isle.

  • Individual Rack Access Control:Individual racks can be access controlled using one master biometric unit along with a Slaves Secure Access Module (SAM). Up to 8 such racks can be controlled this way.

Server Room

Bank Data Center Solutions – Server Room

  • Differential pressure monitoring for dust free & cleanroom environment

  • Wireless temperature & humidity monitoring for data center hall as well as the area near the server isles

  • Alarm in the case of water leakage under raised flooring of data center

  • Centralized smoke detection and alarm management

  • Pressure monitoring of fire suppression cylinders

  • Intrusion detection and alarm management

  • CCTV integration with security events

  • Access control with door interlocking system

Bank Data Center and EMS Software solutions

  • E-Surveillance with dashboard for quick alarm monitoring

  • MODBUS integration for integration with BMS

  • SNMP alerts for Critical alarms on System administration Software’s

  • MIS Reports for various Parameters and Filters for Analysis and Action

  • Email and SMS alerts

  • Environmental monitoring with 8 temperature plus humidity sensors

  • 4 digital inputs for water leakage & smoke detection, alarm Ack and digital output


  • Monitoring entry & exit of authorize/unauthorized persons by Biometric Access Control

  • Provision of Local Hooter which can send notification to CMS in advent of fire or intrusion

  • Convenience of remotely silencing the audible hooter in case of False Alarm and thus maintaining Serenity in the area

  • Proactive health monitoring of video surveillance system to avoid goof up during any kind of eventuality

  • Event based image captured to verify the authenticity of Alarm/Alert received at CMS. Live video monitoring against the event received for further action

  • Early fire detection system helps in deterring major fire breakout

  • Two way audio communication helps in immediate audio interaction at the Bank Branch in case of critical alarm received and can also be helpful in deterring the Intruder

  • Monitoring crucial temperature & humidity necessary for document storage facility

  • Centralized power monitoring and analysis services help control huge expenses on power due to HVAC, by tracking consumption (quantity) and the power factor (quality) making Bank Branches more power efficient & green

  • Health & reliability of high-cost diesel generator is centrally monitored by smartDGPOWER which helps manage DG usage as per necessity

  • Alarm Notifications through SMS/emails

  • CMS MIS Report

    • Event Transaction Report

    • Audit Log Report

    • Panel Status Access Report

    • Site Activity Report

    • Graphical Report

    • Ticket Graph

    • Hourly Event Graph Detail

    • Daily Event Graph Details

    Alarm Notifications through Mobile App

    • Immediate Event based Alarm on Mobile

    • Summary Report

    • Alert to call Interface

    • Image Monitoring


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